Matera, the first time I saw it, I went crazy, it was simply perfect ( Mel Gibson)

Matera is one of the most ancient cities in the world in terms of continuity of living, its territory has witnessed human settlements starting from the paleolithic without interruptions until today. It represents an extraordinary chapter, written from the man through thousands years of its incredibly long history Matera is the city of “Sassi”, developed from natural caves carved into rock and shaped by time in more complex structures over the time, inside two big natural amphitheaters giving life to Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano. Idris Loft Matera is located in the heart of the Sasso Caveoso and thanks to its exclusive and privileged location offers to its guests the opportunity to experience and breathing the enchantment of the old city the minute you walk out the door. The name Idris Loft is a tribute to one of the most beautiful and ancient rock churches and landmark of the city “Madonna de Idris” which arises in front of the structure on a rock spur dominating Sasso Caveoso Walking along the main road which connects the two Sassi neighbouroods and adjacent to our lofts , Via Bruno Buozzi, it is possible to enjoy also the landscape on the other side of the fascinating ravine home of “Parco dellla Murgia Materana”. Explore the numerous lanes between the old buildings and look at the old city from an ever changing perspective. Main places of interests you can’t miss during your stay at “Sassi di Matera” are the Rupestrian churches that can be easily reached as they are very close to our lofts. These unique places have witnessed the evolution steps of man from prehistory to Christianity. Those of major interest and visitable are: Santa Maria de Idris Santa Lucia alle Malve San Pietro Barisano